Halo 2 Vista: Project Cartographer Multiplayer


I want to start this thread off by saying I realize someone or multiple people have already made a post about this and I don't want to be over barring about it, but I just wanted to make a thorough thread on what Project Cartographer is and how to get it.

First off...  (for those of you who care) The situation with H2V:

As some of you may know the main server list for H2V is currently down, meaning you cannot see games or host one and people be able to see/join it. We have made threads, posts, and tweets to 343 asking about what the situation is with no response or help given (not surprising) . So we have made our own way to play online again with "Project Cartographer" (kinda like XBC and XLinkai except we do more and plan to do more than just have an ability to see and join games). 

What is project cartographer? :

As I stated, Project Cartographer is a way to play H2V online again and also removes "Games for Windows Live" (GFWL), the PC version of Xbox Live where you would sign in with your Xbox account. With GFWL we had many issues that were caused by "updates" Microsoft put out that broke the game even more. These updates broke in-game voice chat, added what we refer to as "Join lag", where the game would freeze for a second or two when someone joins the game then unfreeze (doesn't sound too bad but gets annoying) and broke the hit registration...alot. With the removal of GFWL we can now make changes to the game itself fixing these problems and adding more features. In game voice chat is now being tested and is working and also the hit registration is much much better. Join lag is still a thing but is being fixed. BUT AT LEAST YOU CAN JOIN A FUCKING GAME IN PROGRESS  *COUGH* MCC *COUGH COUGH*

We have many more features planned to come to H2V now such as a working ranking system, Anti-cheat which prevents people from using "advantage hacks", an account system to track stats, and even a working Match Making system. These are just some of the planned features and many more to come.


A few of the tools that you can use on H2V consist of "Super Sensitivity" where you can change your Controller or Mouse and Keyboard sensitivity all the way up to 100 sens if you want.  A field of view changer that lets you set the FOV to what you want it to be (funny example with Hayzul using the maximum FOV here in this tage) and you can also use a program called "Fly Cam" to do angles (similar to theater mode in Halo 3, Reach, 4, 5,ect...) as I'm sure some of you have seen in H2V montages and videos.

To get to play H2V again with Project Cartographer all you need is H2V (duh) and the Project Cartographer launcher which can be downloaded here: https://goo.gl/pzxkn8

If you have H2V installed all you do is run the launcher, type the name you want to be in-game in the Name line and then click "Update". The update will patch your game and add the Project Cartographer files that will allow you to play online. Once the launcher has updated your game, you can click the "Play" button that should appear where "Update" use to be and your game should start. If you want to use a desktop or taskbar shortcut of Halo 2 you can, however once there is a new update released you will need to re-run the launcher to click the update button again.  Once the game has started you will need to click the NETWORK tab on the main menu to see games for right now (Like system link on XBC), again we do plan to update more things in the future so the multiplayer game list may be moved back under the "Live" tab in the near future.

If you do not have H2V you can purchase it or get it by "other means" if you want. There also is no activation required for the game as we do not use Games for Windows Live, so if installing the game click "Fully install and do NOT start" and click activate later. then run the latest update for H2V that can be downloaded HERE . Once that has been downloaded, run the Update.exe and allow it to update your game. After your game has been updated, then run the Project Cartographer launcher.

While it is named "Halo 2 for Windows Vista", it will run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

As of right now if  you want to host a game you must port forward ports 1000-1006 UDP for people to join your game.

We have 2 sites set up where you can learn more about Project Cartographer if you would like, H2V.online and http://www.halo2vista.com/ 

Our discord can be joined with this link: https://discord.gg/uyZ68XT

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this . I have been playing H2V for years and plan to for many more,  we have always been a small tight-knit community.

As for MCC, H2V has had its issues and been broken, but no where near the level of that game... No join in progress? No in-game emblems?? TRADING KILLS IN HALO 2???  smh. But whatever. We can only hope things will improve for Halo and get off this dark path it has taken.


Have a good one! <3

I remember you showing me that hayzel video, very nostalgic 

This sounds so fucking good.....


I wish my PC wasn't the most crashable and corruptable piece of shit known to man--I really miss Cloud CTF. XD

Bump because more people should see this.
this will be perfect for splits between classes this year! has online co op campaign been added?

that's being tested atm and should come soon.
the banning command is also working now, when u host a game and a hacker joins, u can instantly ban him!

and I think ingame voice chat should also get here shortly. 

We have a new launcher now. I edited the thread with the new link however, it didn't seem to change, at leaset not yet. Here is the new launcher link though: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B73pLXfMS5z9LXBIMURLeV9kNUU
New trailer for the Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTm0_4svVcI