Jumpify: Overture - Halo 3 Montage


First off, i just wanted to say that I am proud to have made myself the very first kill in this montage, i think that's pretty cool.

Secondly, that it's been a pleasure to edit for Jumpify. He provided me with some really nasty gameplay on players that are really, really good imo. And I want to emphasize the skill aspect of some of these players because I have personally played against a lot of them, and there is no underestimating it. To get some of the clips he got on them is absurd.​

I don't typically edit for people because it just takes up so much time and commitment but Jumpify has been looking for somebody to edit his sick clips for quite awhile and I'm happy to release it. I only spent about a week editing this and the majority of it was done in two days. I dont really have enough editing skill to butcher gameplay even if I wanted to. But for this tage, I definitely wanted to show the gameplay for what it is and keep the angles and velocity to a minimum. Some parts may be imperfect, but i will be leaving home soon, and i know Jumpify will be leaving soon too, so i wanted him to be able to see this. 

I really hope you all enjoy this high skill mlg/team snipers montage. Thx for watching :]

dl: https://mega.co.nz/#!p0gwwB6D!xRBYzNyPWTaGM7iUUmMDJ6Ud6jn5QqLBQaLVYTKyMxo


awesome clips

Good music loved the whole thing.

The sax made it.

I liked that clip he got on Team Snipers. 

But yah, should of just cut out some of those meh overkills in team snipers, ended it with the 4:30 mark or whenever that clip that you showed him dying on snowbound. Thought that would of been a fitting end. Maybe my tolerance to longer montages isn't what it used to be, or that Halo 3 is just repetitive to me. The editing was surprisingly good though, don't think I've seen you edit anything so I wasn't sure what to expect. Looked very clean and simple with limited theater mode, refreshing for a H3 video.

That noscope double and triple at long and the 341 at sword were fucking amazing but the rest of clips were pretty boring honestly. I think the beam rifle sort of ruins snipers clips since all people do is go for double body-shots which looks so messy in clips. The editing was a nice change and I enjoyed watching it. Music was relaxing too. Very clean and refreshing montage :) Similar style to Dutchy and FatRat's dual recently.
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Holy fuck how did that happen lmao
I fell really into the laid back vibe of this elegant edit, Sucky. Loved it! Some of the clips were really great as well. The two Narrows plays around 1:15 and 5:30 were my favorites.
Great clips and great music.
Watching again :P

H3 montages are 90% snipes clips, gets boring extremely fast. The MLG clips were nice though.


That was awesome

Loved the warm colors and the edit.

Thx for the feedback everyone. Glad to hear that everyone in general enjoyed at least some aspect of it or felt it was a good watch. always good to hear the critiques around here, they're always genuine