Flood & Gunrath || H2 Christmas Dualtage

A one song Christmas montage we made with the leftovers from our last dualtage edited by Sheney (found here).

The gameplay is still pretty sick though (in my opinion), so they aren't leftovers in the traditional sense. 

Hope you guys enjoy! <3

It also feels good to post a montage I made after years of lurking.

Feedback much appreciated! 

Flood & Gunrath Christmas Montage



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! <3

-gunrath and flood

That was pretty awesome. Good job guy's. Sick leftovers.
Thanks man! They weren't leftovers in the traditional sense tho, if Sheney would of wanted to do a second song for our last montage we deff would of used them as our main clips. Happy holidays though homie! 

Hey guys could we please get some feedback on this? I'm trying to improve as an editor and we'd love to see what some of the halo 2 montagers who've been around for a bit think about the montage. You can be as brutal as you want, I just finished my enlistment so I can take it lol 


Enjoyed this man!
nice clips. I thought the song was a bit much. 

Hey we appreciate that! I was really hoping that the mixtape Chance dropped around Christmas would have had a nice song to use but they were way too chill. Fortunately SNL had a great Christmassy Chance feature that week on SNL. :)

Allowed for some funny editing opportunities too lol 

Thanks for all the feedback THF. 
Edit wasn't too shabby. The snow overlay was definitely a cool thing for a Christmas tage and the music was good, even if it was the least Christmasy song ever. Biggest flaws with the edit IMO were the weird flashy transitions, mainly the ones with the red in them. I get that it's an Xmas tage and that's part of the theme, but maybe just substitute a reddish CC instead. Cross fades will pretty much never let you down.