Lemon Sherpa - Halo 3 Short 2019


My first edit in a couple years - let me know how I did!

Shoot me a message on YouTube or XBL if you're looking to work together in the future.

Lemon Sherpa

Edit was super solid, gameplay was also cool but I felt like some of the clips weren't that crazy. In any case, you asked for feedback on the edit so I'll ignore gameplay for now. Sync on this was great, which is a bit hard to accomplish with hip hop. I also enjoyed the little screen pump VFX and the strong angles. One tip I'd give is to use the Sillygoose Halo 3 SFX download packs, that way you can smooth out your sound, since I heard a few BR bursts and other SFX in here that were noticeably cut short.
That edit was great man! Some really nice clips in there too, that no scope over on hardcore ball was clean as fuck.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback - especially for the tip  about audio.  Clip selection definitely could have been better, and I feel like I tend to have a lower standard when editing my own clips. Hoping to improve on all of these things in the future though!


Thank you - I appreciate the kind words! The ball clip is probably top 3 clips I've ever gotten.