that was incredible, plasma snipe on valhalla was my fave clip i think

you've made some insane montages that past 10 yrs yes for going out with probably your best yet


Don't think I have much to say that's different from what's already been mentioned.  This is an unbelievable video that is unique and fantastic all around that probably won't ever be touched.  A perfect portrayal of possibilities in Halo 3 and wonderfully true to the traditional Hyena video style.  All in all, one of the best montages ever.  Thanks for sticking around and bringing new things to the table every time, especially when the community has been needing it for a while.  Truly the ideal video creator for staying true to your style and consistently thinking outside the box.

say what? Ive been replaying this montage all day? really? 


Also insanely stoked about how bad ass it looks on front page

I agree, it looks fucking rad on the FP.


How in the hell do you pull off those jumps to get multis just like new e gameplay dude I loved it. 
This tage is so good. That last clip was amazing 

It appears I'm late to the game on this one. 

I'm sick as fuck and spent all day in class writing essays. Dear god was this a necessary beacon of light in my day. Love you. 

I just sent this to all my old local friends I used to game with years ago. It needs all the eyes it can get, so amazing.

Tfw no shout out.

Fuck you man, your video sucks and you suck. Get some original clips fag

Blackhawk, Doodle and Sigon informed me that this dropped during our customs. They were saying great things. I'll wait until later tonight so I can give it my full attention. Congrats on the release and praise thus far - you deserve every bit of it. 

edit later. 

That was fucking spectacular! The icicle jump for the triple on Narrows left me speechless! The editing style was amazing also! 10/10 will watch again.
Dude, that was amazing, every clip was great. Only you could get clips no one has seen before for a game that's been out over 5 years. I hope you still make more montages though, they're always a refreshing and fun to watch.

Wow, man. Just completely unbelievable. So many things I could say about the gameplay. You just keep pushing the limits of what people think is possible. As someone who tries to do the same, I can't tell you how much respect I have for how well you accomplish that. In a game that's been so linear the last several years, it's just incredible how you've not only been different, but also been the best within the 'current framework'. That is to say, not only can you make a sniper overkill in Rumble Pit the sickest thing ever, but in the next clip you'll jump off an icicle and rip someone's face off for a multikill. Obviously I don't need to explain to you why your gameplay is amazing, but I do have to articulate how much I appreciate the style, skill, and pure ingenuity that goes into your clips. You've outdone yourself, Hyena, what a spectacular finish if this truly is the end of the road for you in Halo 3. Hat's off, m8.

Awesome intro as well, that was very cool, as always. Can't post without mentioning that you continue deliver unique, elegant ways of entertaining without needing special effects, etc.

And thanks so much for the shoutout at the end. That was a bugout haha. I'm not totally sure what I did to earn that, but I'm a huge fan so it was a nice little treat to see my name immortalized in your legacy. Thanks.

How is it possible to get clips like this. Didnt know you could even do some of the things pulled off in that video. Best halo 3 montage ive ever seen. So damn enjoyable to watch.

... well i woke my girlfriend up by saying oh my god very loudly. that was insane..

Oh yeah? Well I woke up my WIFE. IRL PWN SON

Dumbshit aside, that was the absolute best Hyena. Like others have said, I always think you're going to run out of ideas, and you always sneak up behind me and sweetly slip a finger in, and the cynicism subsides. I love your style of gameplay. It's so inspirational. You're one of the main reasons I switched to a high sensitivity and started going for every single snipe I could, because of your 'fuck you Bungie, this will register' attitude. It's great.

There's not really much I can say that hasn't already been said. Blah blah, you're the most creative sniper in the game, blah blah, why can't we be together, blah blah, just how much negative exp do you have in Lone Wolves, etc.

There is one question I have that I would love you to answer. Is the reason you don't show off angles of mindblowing shots, particularly clips like the triple bank shot on The Pit, because they didn't actually connect IHL? It doesn't detract from your gameplay in any way, because the principle is that you thought of the shot in the first place, and every seasoned Halo player takes every free snipe as payback for the endless bloodshots and other bullshit we go through for our favourite game; but I often wonder when you pull off some crazy ricochet or ADD style sweep snipe and then we are left with only the first person taste. Especially that pit clip; it looked like the bullet was miles away from the player. Like I said, it genuinely doesn't detract from the clip in any way, I'm just curious - especially because I get so many generous snipes when I'm off host and quickscoping like Legolas.

Anyways. Lastly, I would like to say how fun it was playing with you in Halo 3 customs, even if it happened far too infrequently for my liking. One of the saddest downsides to my transitioning out of being a no-life teenager was less involvement in the social side of video gaming. You're one of the people I wish I got to play with and talk to more: I don't remember you ever complaining or whining endlessly; you just rocked every lobby you were in and remained chill as a daisy. Yours were definitely the best H3 MLG lobbies to be in. I also want you to know that you telling me I was one of your favourite editors was probably the best compliment I ever received from this community, the sort of compliment that made me want to go and edit right away so I could hear you say it all over again. I didn't really realise you planned to quit after your final, because if I did I would have asked to collaborate with you earlier. Still, if you have any leftover stuff, or keep playing and don't feel like editing, I would love to do something with you in the future.

On that note, considering you just bought an Xb1, was that the inspiration for you to quit, or are you just going to be playing as more of a hobby from now on? It would be a shame if we never got to play together again.

Congratulations again on your amazing final video, and the following you have rightly earned over the past few years. I'm so happy for you. Good luck in whatever it is you set your sights on next.

PS: If it's some kind of job, send this video to your employer. If they don't hire you they're fucking mental.

I've quit watching a lot of montages but every time you release something new I'm always in awe. Amazing job man
Yo, Beau. Your dad's the CHAMP. WARRIOR. HAHA, HE'S MY MAN!
Anyway, I came back to give a proper comment to this masterpiece and the CHAMP himself!!

I know how hard you struggled to get some of these clips, all the screaming, all the bloodshots, all the quitters, all the noobs... You always let me know about your new ideas and clips, which I appreciate, but DAMNIT there were some clips in here that I had never heard about which caught me by big surprise (icicle on Snowbound into Tastrophe).
I know what the BIG plan was, but I'm so glad you ended up doing this your own way, which I SAID would be a success you cynical fuck ;)
Now, PLEASE let's rock Halo CE customs like the countless of H3 lobbies that took place. You're MY MAN. THE champ. Your DAD'S MY MAN, BEAU. MY MY BEAU, HAHA YOU'RE a FOOT (leg-end/legend)
How the hell did you do all of that shit?  The icicle stuff is just mindblowing.  You are a legend.   

Im seeing OGRE2 discuss this montage on twitter lol


Dude that is fucking awesome. 
That Pit ricochet snipe, I wasn't even sure who you killed at first. 

Ogre 2 also said he feels like some had to have been set up or just a lot of hours played...

he obviously hasn't seen many of Hyena's videos. 

So funny to read Ogre 2 talk about this tage. I haven't been this blown away by a video in a long time.

dear, lord...

brb writing your name on  my ass this time around

you were probably the first person i contacted nearly seven years ago on thf to give you admiration over lightning snipes.

fitting that after all these years and for virtually the first time since, you'd be the one to have me sit here actually spending time watching montages - going through your archives

that was amazing, get thumb tacks and lets get going

First montage in maybe 7 or 8 years where i actually had to rewind and watch and clip over again And i had to MULTIPLE TIMES lol. Amazing stuff as always Hyena.

But yeah Heyna man I know you like it when I review your shit but honestly every time I start watching it analytically I stop and just scream really loud

Right now I feel this is the best H3 montage ever, noangles4life

What do you mean no angles?

Yeah, seeing pros discuss Hyena's montage publicly, and even being in complete disbelief that it even happened without any shady business going on behind the curtains is the dopest fucking shit that has happened since before 2010. You've really done it this time Beau. You're creating conspiracy theories with your leave.

I mean that if you have the GP then POV and normal speed should dominate. Same what I said for Diesel M2 video, some angles to tell a story or set a situation up, not just because. noangles wasnt the best way of saying that I guess, just love POV

no fucking way
The triple at 2:10 and the last icicle clip were mind blowing. Everything else was still sick but those two really stood out for me.  I've always loved the creativity in your videos, man. Best of luck to ya in whatever you plan on pursuing in the future.
Came here to reply individually to everyone but gonna have to lay down after seeing that Twitter shit, you have all overwhelmed me

I've watched this tage a good 4 times already. Hyena, I don't know what to say. I feel like a fool for missing out on your past videos. I have to admit this and Blizzard 2 are the only videos I've seen from you. Both have thoroughly blown my mind. 

This is is now up there with the Str8 tage when it comes to H3 videos. Besides the typical MLG gameplay I always missed the originality and creativity that was in H2 videos. Your videos for me are exactly what I always hoped a H3 montage could provide. You did things in that game I had no idea you could do. 

The gameplay is top notch. I love editing style as well. I came back to say this all because this video deserved a little breakdown/ review. Again great job Hyena. 


Now I know what he means by "If you don't know @Hyena by now you've been missing out"

I've truly missed something . I must watch the rest of hyena's videos!

Now I know what he means by "If you don't know @Hyena by now you've been missing out"

I've truly missed something . I must watch the rest of hyena's videos!

here you go:


double dragon and Blizzard from the Netherworld II are the most recent

also his series on his youtube channel leading up to this Mastery video is great (9 short videos)

I'm using this meme everywhere from now on.