Most Dope: Closure - A Halo 3 Montage | Edited by ThumbsUp

Sup fellas, yesterday I went hard in Vegas and finished what was left of this video in one day, and it feels really nice to have it all done now. 

I don't fully remember how I picked this montage up from Grant, but I know that he had been looking for editors for a while without success.

I'm glad I picked it up and used the song he wanted, which lead me to a new spectrum of editing since I've never edited to this kind of music before.

Download will come,  we hope you all enjoy.

ThumbsUp & Most Dope

Your editing is unique, Nibla.
​Clean (a bit dirty wink), on-point and has a lot of flow.
The gameplay was pretty fucking sick too, good job on you and Grant :D

Gameplay was Dirty

Editing was Dirty

This video is Dirty

I was seriously digging it, but I feel like the way you edited the peak of the song didn't match the actual intensity of the song. Maybe it's just my first impression and I'll have to watch it again, but overall it was fucking awesome. And we know he didn't get the Killtrocity at the end, or else you would have shown it.
such beast i love you guys
really good watch. easily the best montage i've watched in a while
That was really good in all aspects really. Good job on this to both of you!