Reid 18 - Plasma Grenade Demonstration

Hello all, Reid has a new video that you all should check out. The kid is back.

That was awesome. I want to see more Reid18!

Hope to see a new Reidtage for the comp.

I'm glad he's back on his feet.

Nothing too impressive. Kind of a boring watch tbh.
Although I will admit it is very difficult to get sticks in H5.  So kudos on those.

Much respect for the creativity this montage brings. Rare that a montage maker would focus solely on the art involved in getting plasma grenade sticks. Thumbs up for amazing sticks, and thumbs up for staying original. 

- ViviSecT

Loved it!
This was really beautiful. Somehow the H2 and H5 tied together pretty seamlessly (think bc it was all sticks.) Nice edit and some pretty crazy prediction sticks by Tori. Nice job you two :)
Honestly, this was really fucking boring.
I'm just glad to see that you're doing something healthy and creative with your time Reid.  
My thoughts exactly.
Kinda gave me a VIBE......vibe ._.
This was pretty cool. Those predictions were top.
Far from boring. Tf you talking about?