PLaZiK // Halo 2 // Montage 1


I've gamed with Plazik for years. I've owed him a halo video ever since his Halo 3 Montage got lost, and the cancelation of our MCC Tritage. We finally got around to putting this together. Enjoy it everyone.

good shit boys. Loved the pickup tac at s3 to blue. J Mo getting the furious dub likewise got me a little hard. Couldn't stand the songs.

Nice job, dudes. Some sweet GP with a decent edit. Didn't mind the music, would've liked to have seen a bit more syncing though (tough considering the songs used).


I said it on facebook and I'll say it here. #purpleswag

Plazik, Blaze. Keep on keepin on.

Thanks guys PLaZiK and I appreciate the love.