Reminiscent - A Halo 2 Montage Ft Zyfe, Wild Cherry, and Scotty Pwnz

Happy 4th to all my Americans. After months this montage is finally done. My old PC had died when I originally took this project. I put these guys through months and months of waiting and I thank them for there patience. I did my best to keep up with their sick gameplay.  Some of the DVR clips had some sound issues so i had to improvise and do some of them. I hope you guys enjoy!

That was really, really awesome.
This is fantastic! Editing is really good and the gameplay definitely shines in this one. Also I appreciated that not only were most of the clips really impressive by themselves, but they were also against really good players. Great job!
This was sick
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Very nice video, great work.

damn that was the hottest montage ive seen in a minute, if this place were more active i'm sure it'd blow up over this. unscope sanc frenzy and the falling qs tac on elbow into frenzy were absurd, and most of the clips on pros felt way above average. also felt like the clips kinda waned off towards the end there but there were still some amazing team tacs throughout. amazing job to everybody involved, this feels like a 10/10 montage straight out of 07/08.

just a quick question that you could possibly answer, shenney. how come i almost never see players of this caliber RRBXing? Surely its a useful tech at that level.

Why is this in the THF Tournaments section?

Why is this in the THF Tournaments section?

If I had the ability to move the thread, I would.

For some reason I can't see the OP.  It just says "This post has been hidden"?
You have him blocked, you have to go to his profile and theres a button to "unhide" his post. I think it randomly blocks people on the new site.
Thanks dudes, I appreciate the positive comments 
Thanks m8!

RRBXing was like one of the last button glitches found. I know back in the day I didn't even attempt using it. Still don't really. At higher level of competitive play it was all about positioning. Button glitches helped, but they didn't define you as a player. I feel like most people are not comfortable enough doing it, i know i'm not lol

For some reason I can't see the OP.  It just says "This post has been hidden"?
You have him blocked, you have to go to his profile and theres a button to "unhide" his post. I think it randomly blocks people on the new site.

That worked.  Thank you.

That was really good. Editing did the job, synced well with nice effects here and there. I found the H4 sniper shots randomly thrown in to be a bit odd though, didn't really see the point. Gameplay was absolutely fantastic and I saw a few friends in there as well haha. Some of the sniper frenzies were incredible and the team tacs were great as well. This is probably one of my favourite H2 montages since I don't really like the 80% midship FFA clips that most H2 videos have. 
Amazing, Editing was fucking sick, thought you had resample on some of the clips? might not even use vegas or maybe the effect? sorry it was really good! Clips made it tho.  Glad to see some people are trying to keep with the standards before halo died as terrible as that sounds lol. bless up.
Great video, really enjoyed that, could you please PM me a hi-res screenshot so i can FP this

This montage was great.  I'll have a real write up for the whole thing soon.

Sorry i'm late to the party boys, i've been out of town. 

I thought this was one of  the best non-pro competitive halo 2 videos i've seen in all of halo 2, certainly the best on MCC. This should be considered one of the top MCC videos to have come out and it doesn't seem close. 3 really great players with a really awesome clip pool to pull from. The high level plays were my favorite but i enjoyed the social style clips in 50 high h2c just because the snipers were so fucking smooth in this. For those who don't know, Scotty is considered almost unanimously to be the best sniper in h2 right now. 

I thought the sheer volume of awesome fours clips was more than enough to make up for it but outside of the BXR Jaro i thought the FFA stuff should have been largely removed and i think better clips could have definitely been substituted. Other than that the gameplay was stellar. The h2c stuff surpassed what a fair amount of social players are doing and it was still at 50 high. the THC and Fours were exactly what i was hoping for. While i thought Scotty's gp was overall the best, my favorite clips were Cherry's bxr tac at s3-s2, the BXR jaro and the two high level warlock plays (Tac on legit and the BXR tac on a Xambler thc squad). The super fast triple on the guy jumping shortcut at s2 was also a clip that just stuck out to me. Just a great overall video in terms of gameplay. 

Editing: I thought this was fairly standard as fair as a "Sheney Video" goes. Good pace, solid flow etc. I thought this was exactly what the gameplay needed in terms of editing. I wasn't huge on the megan fox flash or the text tracking on your name but that was just me. I really liked the darkness of the color schemes you used and i love that you incorporated some angles into the video. I especially liked the intro. 

Great work boys, for my personal tastes this is really only second to chasing shadows in terms of MCC videos but i think most people would have it in their top 5. 

Wow this is definitely one of the best H2 videos I've seen in a while.  Sk0ls said most of what I wanted to say, but here it goes.

I like the intro and angle work a lot.  However after a while they did feel overused and repetitive.  Wait, isn't YoungSharifa, Sher is Batman's cousin?  That's hilarious if it is.  Scotty's triple kill on APG and them was pretty good.  The music definitely feels like something fro 2007, so mission accomplished I guess.  Zyfe's tac at about 2:44 was pretty solid.  Wild Cherry's Middy Jaro was probably my favorite clip.  well done on the editing side of that portion as well.   I'm very happy you used the Frenzy tht Zyfe got at that H2 FFA tournament in Cali recently.  Definitely adds to the hype factor of this video.  Goddamn, there's so many high level clips in this montage, I can't even talk about all of them, strongest part of the video obviously.  LOL at the "He Sucks" bit at 6:27.  Sheney, I'll say that your editing has gotten a lot better from a technical perspective since two years ago.  Nice improvement buddy.  Scotty's trocity on Sanctuary was nuts.  Fantastic.   It's kind of awesome how these three players are on the same level so you can weave their clips all through the timeline and the gameplay never drops off in quality.  In the past we've seen similar projects have stronger parts than others.  I'm glad you four avoided that pitfall.  Yeah Fi3ry your angles do get tacky after a while.   Were those some XBC clips in the credits?   Fine work all around boys, I think this is most certainly one of those montages that will do well in the contest.  Or at least I hope it does.  Anyway, I hope your H2 discord league doesn't fall apart.  

Very cool tage. Really enjoyed it. It was a neat edit too. I think there was too much coloring at the beginning. It was hard to see, but it got much much better. Love the Megan Fox thing. You know she actual does play Halo.