FI3RY | Halo MCC Montage

I took a very chill approach to this video for FI3RY. I haven't done a lot of slower paced edits, so I was unsure about it.  Regardless lmk what you dudes think!

THis was great nice work 
Nice editing!  I personally like slower videos because you can truly see the clips.  
Nice video man. I couldn't get into it really because it was quite slow (As you said) but I appreciated it nonetheless. Good work!
I'm sorry to hear that your mate died.  That underneath angle on Guardian during the intro was really unique, I'm not sure if I've seen that before?  Cross map stick on Ethical was nicely done.  Holy crap, nice tac on myself Uncut, Hyena, and Hus in that Middy FFA.  The sword transition after the ridiculous super bounce and warthog snipe at 1:31 was Zola-esque homie.  That Snipe FFA Jaro was fancy; is "brb need smoke" Hyena on a different tag?  These clips aren't bad at all.   Burial Mounds stick FTW was God-like dude.   I don't really care too much for the music, but I think I understand why you guys picked it.  Fun fact: I was going to edit Elumnite's Halo 3 montage in 2009, but my computer at the time couldn't handle HD clips so I had to cancel on him.  That was a touching videos guys, great work all around.  Any reasons why you didn't enter it into the THF Montage Contest?