EvaduR | A Halo 3 MLG Montage

Hey, everyone,

I had been trying to find an editor for my montage over the past 6 months or so, but a bunch of stuff fell through. In late July, the last possible editor told me he wouldn't be able to do the tage in time for the August 31st competition deadline, so I decided to grind it out on my own. I downloaded Premiere Pro & After Effects and learned them on the fly, watching hours of tutorials. The tage is basically sniper triple kills, cross fades, and cookie cutting, but I'm proud of the result — my friend, Slippin, came through with the sick 3D spartan models! The first two songs feature my better clips and the last is just my attempt at representing how fun Halo 3 has been for me, since I have no intention doing another edit with the leftovers. Hope you enjoy!

Xbox GT: EvaduR

Download:   https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2QQDyN9cGf0TnNYN2d0OVN4NVE

All I can say is WOW... Honestly I liked the editing because it didnt take away from the amazing gameplay you had.

The gameplay is some of the best I have seen in a long LONG time.  You did a great job editing as well for your first time man. Some of those snipes you had were sick especially since this was all competitive as well. 

Good job and thanks for the great watch

Wow, so happy to see this released, even if it wasn't done by a known editor. I thought you did a fine job for a first time, much better than I could imagine myself doing. Edit was simple but solid. I've always been a believer in no effects over poorly done complicated effects. My only qualm would be that you cut some of the clips way too short! A lot of people might've missed that pit exterm x2, which is a shame bc it's an insane clip.

In terms of gameplay, holy shit. I personally think this is on par with Joey Clutch's M1 just in terms of raw gameplay. I'll have to go rewatch that and compare the two, but there were so many flashy noscopes and under pressure shots in this. I loved that the highest multi was all BR/backwhacks, and dude, there were some truly amazing clips in here! Laughed really hard at some of those early 2for1's and that 100% spawnkill pit exterm during the credits. Not to mention the final clip over the cannon, that's mindblowing. Final shot felt very sincere, and I got the vibe that this came out better because you edited your own gameplay with a personalized touch rather than having somebody else do it. Nicely done, good luck in the comp, and #f343

That last clip though, wtf? This was really good. Slippin did a great job. I almost didn't bother watching it from the description you put there, but glad I did. Gameplay was really entertaining.

Like i said on joey clutches video, a number of the clips had a very montagey feel to them that surpassed what you normally see in your stereotypical h3 MLG montages. I think this might have been better on a pure gameplay level just because the volume of quality clips was insane and there were some clips that blew my mind in a way that i haven't experienced since neighbor + hysteria / roadblock tages from a long time ago. the quad spawn snipe exterm in the last section was the stupidest thing i've seen all year and your crosshair control with sniper on h3 rivals the historically most exciting snipers to watch. it was like watching several top players/montagers at once through out this video. 

this and joey clutch are definitely the strongest h3 entries for me and probably the strongest overall. 

Holy shit dude I can't thank you enough for that feedback! It really makes me feel appreciated for all the effort i put in :)
nice montage
nice montage
I can't wait to watch this when I get on my desktop. Happy that you finally managed to release it and sorry I couldn't finish it :/ Fucking concussions man.
Really nice gameplay. Solid edit for doing it yourself, but would have loved to see those clips with editing to them justice. Some of your reaction times are absolutely insane. Also, there's another clip with that fake Mexican Neurosis ruining my name.
When i finally got to editing that end scene I felt so much nostalgia and the memories came rushing in. Literally was a strike commander just happy to be online with friends... now im a cynical try hard haha
Nice work man, still wished I could have gotten the gig! You did well though!

Awesome vid man. Can't believe you learned that much editing on the fly. I've been slowly editing some of my own stuff from time to time and that blows anything I've done out of the water. I especially loved the angles. Also would like to compliment your map rotation of clips and the difference of the clip. There was never a single point where it felt like "oh I've seen this before".

Your gameplay is just so much fun to watch, it seems like you are always on the move always looking for the next kill. It just feels super fast paced even though H3 is slower than the rest. Definitely a ton of dirty clips in there and just solid clips all the way around.


Was so excited when I saw you posted it and you didn't let me down. Gameplay was obviously sick! Prolly one of the last h3 tages I will really appreciate, thank you bro!!!!

First off, I like that you had the balls to actually learn on the fly. A lot of the montage kids nowadays pretty much just give up when they don't find an editor they like, and it kinda pisses me off.

But this pretty much exceeded my expectations in every way. For someone who's not super experienced with editing programs, you at least had good sensibilities as far as what looks good and clean. Some beginners just have a terrible eye for editing and slap the most amateurish transitions on shit. But you actually put in some clean transitions at the beginning, and I'm not sure if that was you who did the ending, but that was really nice too. The "not like this" text was cool and your angles were pretty nice too.

That gameplay tho man... I thought it would be good, but that was some amazing stuff. I thought there was no way anybody could top Joey Clutch's H3 gameplay in this comp, but i was definitely wrong. If this didn't trump it, it certainly was on par, especially considering the sheer volume of clips. You truly did a great job man; now I know that when i was getting raped by you in the mlg playlist at 50 high it was just because you're a clipping legend lol.

Insane gameplay! Loved this montage especially the ending!
Don't say that BibleThump ! Someone else has to be out there with a fat sack of clips waiting to drop the best tage ever... you just gotta believe!
this editing in 2016 makes me lol... cool it the fuck down

good gameplay though

Not gonna lie man, this turned out a lot better than I expected =]

This gameplay is probably hands down some of the best MLG gameplay.

I thought you did a great job with your first full edit, thats a huge task to take on in just a month.

Great stuff man! Still wish you woulda liked The Tourist ;)

this editing in 2016 makes me lol... cool it the fuck down

good gameplay though

Fuck off

You cool it the fuck down. The point of this contest is to pump out great videos. 

Been waiting on this for so long.

And it didn't dissapoint. 

You cool it the fuck down. The point of this contest is to pump out great videos. 

If you want to make a great video then why would you use a Skillet song...?
There was no Skillet song in this wtf?
Believe it or not, some people like different things than others do. 

Whoops.  Same thing though.

^Its not about liking different things, it's about not being generic and melodramatic. 

dyeeeope vid
Really enjoyed this there were definitely some jaw-dropping clips. Kind of wish you left out the last 4 minutes though.
Very awesome gameplay, very good, sometimes it's quite difficult for me to sit through pure multi kill videos now, I think it just feels like I've seen it all before? So I don't usually enjoy those one, but this was good. It's a shame you couldn't get an editor though, I feel like I know Slippin or have heard his name before? Very jealous of those Spartan Models.
Top notch gameply and the Editing was good enough for me . Even saw some names I recognized. Good luck in the Competetion.

Finally got around to watching this.


Holy fucking shit the gameplay is insane. Just wow. I thought the edit did its job perfectly and I loved the small amounts of track motion used in the titles / outro.

Well done man.

Just sick fellow Eamonn.

First thing I want to say to you  EvaduR is that I really respect your decision to just edit your own project instead of giving up when no one else would do it for you.  I hope you found enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment when you competed the montage yourself.  Not many people have the guts to download the software and submit their own work into the contest, but you did it so props.

Wait, is this an official montage competition entry?  I didn't see the logo anywhere?   You may want to re-render and put that in somewhere.  Wow, Slipin did an amazing job with the intro portion.  Damn these two for one triple snipes are nasty.  The Heretic 3v3 Kill Frenzy on Joey Clutch and Rabiid was pretty noice.  

The Construct King snipe under pressure for the Over-Exterm was clutch AF.   EvaduR your H3 BR abd sniper are filthy, just wanna point that out.   To be honest, every single one of these plays are solid and top level in terms of difficulty; so I'll try not to highlights every one of them.  The stuff you get off of spawn kills on Narrows is just nuts.  

I kind of wish the music had been something different here.  I feel like we always hear the exact same type of track when it comes to H3 MLG montages.  The trocity on Amp was tight.  I can't even figure out how you're getting some of these sticks to connect without betraying anyone, quite impressive actually.  Lol at all the Heretic sword multis.  Last clip was just dumb MCC shenanigans.   The ending was rather unique, nice finishing touch.  Honestly I can't say whether I liked the gameplay more in this montage or in Joey Clutch's video since they're so similar.  I guess time will tell.

EvaduR I hope you continue top edit more videos.  I think you have real potential.  Thank you for entering into the montage contest.  Lastly, please never stop streaming MCC, I think you're one of the last OGs to continue to do so.


The gameplay is fantastic, great job.

Thought you did a really nice, clean job for your first ever edit. Good shit. You even showed some originality/flair, I don't think the 'game over...kill' has been done before, that was cool. Honestly, considering you were learning the stuff on the go and working with such great clips (ie 'don't botch this' kind of shit) it was great. The only constructive criticism (I don't know if you plan to edit again) is I would just swallow the time invested in effects that don't work out and delete them... I'm specifically talking about the 'not like this' part. It was so subtle I feel like you knew it wasn't great so you kept it light... probably best to just get rid of it altogether. There's nothing like a good old clean tage with laid back editing, so if you aren't there yet with the FX there's nothing to lose by keeping it clean and simple. I've deleted effects I've spent 1-2 hours on because they didn't work out the way I planned, editing is a sultry whore like that sometimes. I also think adding text to the physical space is cheesy in general (mid montage that is, the message on the wall at the end was nice) because it often detracts from the flow, and the cool thing about a montage is that its language is already emotion and nerdy adrenaline.

Overall, like I said, cracking job. Could see this doing very well in the best GP category. Any montage that makes me want to blow off all my responsibilities for the day and play Halo is a great success.

small amounts of track motion lol... i sat for hours learning that shit till my eyes bled and i was talking to myself out loud haha