Hannibal (TV)

Season 3 baby

Episode 1 blew my mind, how sick to not address the end of s2.. Love Izzard's character still being on the menu  (not 100% on the timeline been a while since s2), they have great chem. Show somehow felt different in this European setting, very beautiful but a distinctly different vibe. Perhaps because we're seeing things through the more classy characters' eyes instead of Graham being in the mix with his rural house with a lot of dogs. Felt very movie like, wondering on their budget. Good stuff, excited to see where they go with this, looks like we're moving towards the storyline of Red Dragon.

Heh, yeah buddy!

They're really pushing the limits of a normal TV show, I'm not decided on if its too pretentious. Especially Will's lines about all possible outcomes and shit, but it's definitely beautiful. Also undecided on the actor who plays the Italian detective.

Yeah I feel you, not sure about the actor, but either way this show is fucking awesome and Im glad its sticking around for the foreseeable futrure

For sure, it is beautiful. It really went from pretty classic TV detective format (a killer an episode) to a freeflow.

fuck i have to catch up!
Wasn't the show just dropped?