THF MC 2014 Winners Announcement



It is finally done. The winners have been selected, either publicly or by our judges. We as organizers would like to once again thank our judges for their grueling grading and hard choices. We'd also like to thank the amazing creators and players who made these videos possible and you all for the generally fair voting behavior over the past month. A most important tradition has been brought back with this comp.

If I may speak for the Halo Montage Community I hereby thank Ohem and Klima for having the balls to set this up in a time of need and do it in a big way where everyone could participate for free. I hereby remind people that this is mostly out of pocket, all donations are welcome. Paypal: Winners please contact ohem and Klima over PM with your Paypal information.

Now onto the winners:

FatRat Montage 3 – $450



Into the tranQ with editing by Sillygoose and gameplay by tranQ - $200



Immortal Part 3 - $150



Look Befory You Leap by Jump Theory - $50

Edited by:  jagged Shrapnel; Xwo; Fusion. Jumps By: Angels of Chaos; Fusion; Gary UK; jagged Shrapnel; Russ; Xwo


Threshold - $50

Editing by Puba, Gameplay by Dutchy and Dkahre.


FatRat Montage 3


Delightful - $50

Editing by Sachiro, gameplay by Dkahre

Congrats to all the participants, winners, and judges involved!

I am so tired, hope you all had a great Movie Comp. Thanks guys #soclosetho

Fabulous job to everyone involved
Congrats friends :) 
Stoked that FatRat won. He deserved it. Congrats to everyone, though.
Congrats guys!! I couldn't be more  happy about how this turned out. Fantastic effort by all of you.
FatRat wasn't my first choice but it definitely was a great tage. I've also been listening to its soundtrack non-stop so that's awesome.

Fuck yeah, Felix!

Awesome competitions, I'm happy about the results, but I'm surprised that Roots fell down on a 4th. I thought it was going to win it all.

Me too. Congratz, everyone! Was great seeing so many good videos.
Congrats everyone! and a huge thanks again to the judges, the team, ohem and klima! ^
This was the most vibrant and loving I've seen the halo community in years, I loved this comp so much. Thank you to everyone involved who participated in any way.

Great competition, solid results. I really felt the best video won. Congrats to FatRat, very well deserved.

Also want to give a huge thank you to ohem, Klima, Slater, and whoever else contributed to organizing the competition. You all did a great job and should be proud of yourselves. It was amazing to see people get motivated to create quality Halo content. 117 entries and they were all great videos. That's awesome. Quality montages and content were really few and far between for over a year, I felt, so it was awesome to see this flurry of excellent videos. Hope that this contest inspires faith in the scene and more great videos to come. Thanks, guys.

Congratulations everyone! Also lots of thanks to all the people involved in organizing this competition, it was a lot of fun.

Congratulations to all the winners. And a big thank you to everyone who submitted a video in the first place; counting up 117 videos in the end really blew my mind. The fact that you guys managed to  pump out this many quality videos, made it that much more exciting to be apart of this whole thing. There never was any clear winners, just a bunch of amazing videos made by our community. It really shows how much talent our community has.

All in all I'm just happy this has been a huge success.

lastly huge thanks to Slater, this would not have been the same without you. I'm sure I speak for both me and Klima when I say that we're happy you joined in on this. seriously, you da man

Thanks for putting this together guys. 3rd place far surpassed any expectations I had for the comp. Congrats to Fatrat and Tranq for having two amazing videos.

Great job everyone! This is the kind of shit that keeps this community alive! :)

I honestly can't describe how happy I am right now. I've been wanting to enter a THF Movie Competition since 2009, to think that I won after all these years is just blowing my mind right now.

Thanks for all the hard work that went into organizing and funding this competition Klima, Ohem and slater ohm (as well as everyone that donated or helped in any way). It's quite amazing that such a small community can have a contest of this size when it seems like Halo montages are fading away, you guys have done an absolutely outstanding job running this and funding it. I remember running "Clip Off Contest 2" with Ishii, which was way smaller than this, and it was countless hours of work. I can't imagine how many hours went into this project.

Thank you to everybody that entered the competition and is keeping Halo montages alive, it really makes me proud to be apart of a community that produces incredible videos, even when Halo isn't doing too well.

Thanks for everything you guys.

perhaps I should watch this fatrat tage
congrats guys

Congrats to Felix and all the winners, only thing I'd disagree with is that Goose should've taken that Best Intro over Sachiro, but I might just be really biased on that one.


Amazing comp and a great way to feel good about Halo with all the negativity surrounding it since MCC came out. Thank you so much to all the staff here, and especially my two norwegian homies, you're absolute legends.

Oh, and thanks to everyone.

Congratulations, all! Toasty and I will be at the bar, buying beers out of pocket. :D

This has been a blast!

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone who helped out with this. 

This was an awesome way to keep the community alive. 

First round on me booboo.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this! Thank you to everyone who donated and made this experience fun to follow.

Congratulations to FatRat!


Congrats to Felix and all the winners, only thing I'd disagree with is that Goose should've taken that Best Intro over Sachiro, but I might just be really biased on that one.

Yes, yes you really are. Please don't start shit like this and just be happy with how everything played out. We all can't be winners, Silver.

Congrats to the winners and to all participants. A big thanks to the judges and mods to make this all possible,also to all the donaters for the prizepool.

The competetion was great fun and brought alot out alot of good videos.


PS: shif7e please stfu , you are the one who wants to starts shit now. tranQ posts so rarely in this forums but you fall in on almost every post he makes just to start the same old drama again.

Congrats to all the winners, glad fatrat won. He really deserved it.

Thanks for the competition!

if there was a THF Best image compilation of MC entries comp I'd take that shit all day tho

I don't even know how I got to the final round...

Congrats to the winners and big thanks to the people who organized this.  I had been wanting to enter one of these since the Montage Contest 6 so I'm very glad that I got to participate. 


Congratulations, all! Toasty and I will be at the bar, buying beers out of pocket. :D

This has been a blast!

You're forgetting someone wink

Congrats to the top 5 ! Awesome contest !! Thanks to everyone who contributed <3

tranQ I have to admit that I'm surprised to have won that award lol

Great job to the winners, and everyone who submitted a video. Its nice to see lots of content for halo like this again. 

Congrats to everyone that placed and won sub catagory's.  Glad to see FatRat in that #1 spot you deserve it!

Also thanks to everyone that submitted and entry. Let's keep this community thriving :)


Oh and also do you think all the winners could get an image telling which montage it is and what it won. I like to have that as a trophy type thing.
You could even use the graphics you already have now. Maybe just add to it something like: Movie Competition 2014 - 1st Place FatRat Halo 3 Montage 3

just something like that if thats's possible, thanks :D

tranQ I have to admit that I'm surprised to have won that award lol


At least I put up a good fight ;)  great job!

tranQ I have to admit that I'm surprised to have won that award lol

nah man, I love that intro. glad it won

shout out to every person that submitted their video(s) and gave this forum the boost of activity it really needed. ohem and klima, you guys are awesome for putting up the prize money, thank you. sl8r, you've been so on point for this entire competition keeping it running like a well oiled machine. you're the shit, seriously. thx for all u do, bud <3

really happy that fatrat took this home. great job, man, you deserve it!