Finally finished this. Started this project when the Team Throwback playlist ended sometime early October. I originally wanted to finish this and enter it in the Haloisback montage competition but I got busy with other things. This is easily my biggest and most likely my Halo project.

The gameplay consists of myself, Uhh Jeremy II, and SoundCat who are some of my closets friends on Xbox Live. We wanted to make this video as a last hurrah in the dying Halo scene. With this in mind, a lot of smurfs were used to make sure we had clips we were satisfied with. Quick note, I didn't want to add a watermark for every clip so the GTs used by us are the following:

Thank Yeezy: Hello Mr West Hail Chief Sosa Booty Warlord iKhanye West

Jeremy: uhh Jeremy II Jeremy Sux atH3 Uhh Jeremy IL

SoundCat: HuntsoFresh

Hope you guys enjoy!!