Selling site

If you're interested in taking it over, feel free to make an offer. Otherwise I'll probably just put the domain up for auction.

Hope you're all doing well. I think we're going to live through one of the most incredible times in human history, so if you made it through Covid without making any stupid decisions, you'll likely get to experience it.

Wish all of you the best.


What's your timeframe on this?

I don't really have one. It's not costing me a whole lot to keep it up, so if someone such as yourself or others wanted time to spread the word and come up with something that would be fine. I'd rather just hand it off to someone else. Technically I still have the database for the old VBulletin site from right before we moved to the new site.

I'm not sure what I could sell the domain for (couple of estimators say about $1k but things are only worth what someone is willing to offer) but if nobody here or in the Halo community is interested in buying it, I'll put it up for auction that way.




I would be more interested in buying the old H2F database before the move TBH. Just as an archive. So if you can do a 2 for 1...
Yeah I'll give all the files I have.
I DM'd ya :) 
How much are you actually looking for for the domain and site files/db?
Is there actually any way for us nostalgic folk to view the old site forums? Was always curious to reminisce on old posts.*/


I think this is what you are after, if you can remember the old forum webite - it should work, just replace thehaloforum url

Looks like I found out where I'm spending my 3M earplug lawsuit settlement 


I am still the #3 all time donor lmaodevil

Jake and I just completed the transfers, and we're both super pumped. He'll be staying on as an admin, both for the legacy aspect as well as the fact that he knows how this site functions since he built it. 

I'll be doing some discovery over the next week or so, and then I'll make a post with a roadmap for both THF and H2F.

I couldn't be happier with how everything went, and I'm looking forward to the future.

Love ya'll <3

Hell yeah, congrats.

Haha no shit. Dope. <3


well aint that a pleasant surprise
Dont sell the site