What's on your mind?

Hey girl

Kinda morbid. Wonder how many have died.


Also, who did the montages that also had riddles in them? It was a big ol thing

Chris the Hippie and Hyena :) 

Add me for Halo MCC. Still pretty lively.


Rep check!!


oh wait

Been watching some old 2001 smackdown episodes. that shit is still fire
baller, congrats
Hi, friends. 

Ever wonder what the BR55 would look like irl? Wonder no more.


very cool but needs 3rd burst
How's everyone doing

Doing well. Bought a house, figuring out kitchen plans and everything. Never thought id have opinions on all this.

Its fun to finally build something together. Been some shaky years along the way, so im very happy to now look forward with a bad ass woman by my side.