My Old Halo 3 1v1 Montage "The Thrill." Anyone wanna play?

Just recently got another 360 and found a halo 3 disk, would love to play some 1v1s with anyone. I had so much fun playing this game and making this video.  Makes me laugh thinking about back then, hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. Thanks. If you wanna play send me a request at A v ii u M x

Also, sorry if this isn't the right place for this. Haven't used this forum in like 4 years. blush

The Thrill.

Add me buddy!!

gt: a seductive man

Not a big fan of 1v1 in Halo but these clips were just ridiculous! Best 1v1 montage I've seen to be honest, thanks for sharing.
ye id be down for some 1v1 action add : Seeiing Stars

Add me buddy Im always down

GT:  Stommpy

what up its ya boy ruck add me and spore fam 

Boyds Bay 

Ruckus is high


Very good post and the site is also good. Thanks for sharing here.

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Wow that was unexpectedly incredible man! Great clips on some legends too!