THF Movie Competition 2014 Winners

A huge shoutout to Ohem and Klima for sponsoring!
02/08/2015 - 12:00pm

It is finally done. The winners have been selected, either publicly or by our judges. We as organizers would like to once again thank our judges for their grueling grading and hard choices. We'd also like to thank the amazing creators and players who made these videos possible and you all for the generally fair voting behavior over the past month. A most important tradition has been brought back with this comp.

If I may speak for the Halo Montage Community I hereby thank Ohem and Klima for having the balls to set this up in a time of need and do it in a big way where everyone could participate for free. I hereby remind people that this is mostly out of pocket, all donations are welcome. Paypal: Winners please contact ohem and Klima over PM with your Paypal information.

Now onto the winners:

FatRat Montage 3 – $450



Into the tranQ with editing by Sillygoose and gameplay by tranQ - $200


Immortal Part 3 by Sk0ls. - $150


Look Befory You Leap by Jump Theory - $50

Edited by:  jagged Shrapnel; Xwo; Fusion. Jumps By: Angels of Chaos; Fusion; Gary UK; jagged Shrapnel; Russ; Xwo

Threshold - $50

Editing by Puba, Gameplay by Dutchy and Dkahre.


FatRat Montage 3



Delightful - $50

Editing by Sachiro, gameplay by Dkahre