[Voting Closed] THF Movie Competition 2016 - Round 1: Pool D

Choose up to 4 videos.

Montage | Editor | Gameplay

Halo 3 Montage 1 | Editor: Fatal | Gameplay: JoeyClutch
76% (50 votes)
Combat Evolved | Editor: B SiK | Gameplay: B SiK
71% (47 votes)
Eleventh Hour | Editor: Hustla | Gameplay: Hustla
41% (27 votes)
Summer Colors | Editor: Fud | Gameplay: Emnion, Ishii
41% (27 votes)
Hashbrown | Editor: Sucky | Gameplay: Sucky
27% (18 votes)
Ace: The Montage 2 | Editor: Snipetality | Gameplay: Ace
26% (17 votes)
No Diggity | Editor: JTD | Gameplay: JTD, Dolan
17% (11 votes)
Exterminate | Editor: King Brando | Gameplay: King Brando
14% (9 votes)
Prodigy II | Editor: A Swanky Lemon | Gameplay: The Main Lobsta Bitch
11% (7 votes)
Road To M5 - The Finale | Editor: Absolute Keat | Gameplay: Absolute Keat
8% (5 votes)
Rain | Editor: Tori Reid | Gameplay: Tori Reid
5% (3 votes)
Total votes: 66

Round 1: Pool D

Vote for up to 4 choices, the top 4 advance to Round 2. Ties will be determined by the judges overall rating. Voting results will remain hidden until the poll closes on October 22nd. You may cancel and change your vote at any time.

REMEMBER: Voting closes October 22nd!

Pool D

Montage Editor Gameplay
Exterminate King Brando King Brando
Eleventh Hour Hustla Hustla
No Diggity JTD JTD, Dolan
Prodigy II A Swanky Lemon The Main Lobsta Bitch
Halo 3 Montage 1 Fatal JoeyClutch
Combat Evolved B SiK B SiK
Hashbrown Sucky Sucky
Ace: The Montage 2 Snipetality Ace
Road To M5 - The Finale Absolute Keat Absolute Keat
Summer Colors Fud Emnion, Ishii
Rain Tori Reid Tori Reid


Exterminate | Editor: King Brando | Gameplay: King Brando



Eleventh Hour | Editor: Hustla | Gameplay: Hustla



No Diggity | Editor: JTD | Gameplay: JTD, Dolan



Prodigy II | Editor: A Swanky Lemon | Gameplay: The Main Lobsta Bitch



Halo 3 Montage 1 | Editor: Fatal | Gameplay: JoeyClutch



Combat Evolved | Editor: B SiK | Gameplay: B SiK



Hashbrown | Editor: Sucky | Gameplay: Sucky



Ace: The Montage 2 | Editor: Snipetality | Gameplay: Ace



Road To M5 - The Finale | Editor: Absolute Keat | Gameplay: Absolute Keat



Summer Colors | Editor: Fud | Gameplay: Emnion, Ishii



Rain | Editor: Tori Reid | Gameplay: Tori Reid


Nv1, I can see the results after voting and I'm assuming that isn't intentional. Also, pretty easy top three (stacked group tbh) but I can't decide on a fourth so I might just stick with three votes.

EDIT: Eh nvm. As disappointed as I was by Ace's M2, it's still a solid video. My votes are Joey's M1, B SiK M2, Summer Colours, and Ace's M2.

Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed.
Joey Clutch, Summer Colors, Bsik super easy choices. Fourth vote went to young huss. I wanted to vote for Ace but i just can't bring myself to do it. 
Exterminate by King Brando! that shizz is FIRE!
11th, CE, colors and joey.
sorry ace but snipetitties gave me a 343 error when I tried to vote for you

@Nv1ncible ‍ I think that the gameplay was by Hashbrown and the edit was by Sucky in Hashbrown's M2.

^ Yeah, that's Hashbrown's gameplay; he should get the credit for it. Thanks for pointing that out.

Eleventh Hour, JoeyClutch's M1, B SiK's M3 and Hashbrown's M2

This pool's just great, I want 7/8 of them to go through lmao

11th, no diggity, joey clutch, Bsik

good mix between alot creativity and sick gameplay

There's three very obvious choices to choose in this pool.  The fourth vote is a toss up.
Hustla, Joeyclutch, Ace and BSik

okay, this pool is killer. Some seriously dope videos, sad a few of them will have to get knocked out so early.

Im going with: Summer colours, 11th hour, Bsik, and this last one is really fuking tough. Between joey clutch, and hashbrown.........h3 social and mlg footage like both of those videos are very hard to come bye these days....k ima just go hashbrown i love his gameplay 

So wait you voted for Hashbrown's tage over mine due to you liking his gameplay more?

If so that's pretty interesting.