NBA Discussion Thread

Sounded like he really cares about a lot of things. Especially his feelings.
LeBron  dies with 3.

We did it. Haters can drown in the zest.

King James. Uncle Drew. Lil Kev. Team Swish. Delly. T-Thomp & Shumpadelic. Timofey and RJ. Channing Frye to dot your i's. Mo Gotti in the cut. Best season ever.

We'll see the Warriors next year for the tie breaker. S'all good.

Happy for Lebron, dude is a goat
Congrats on the NBA ending Clevelands drought though. Definitely made for a good headline. On to Rio now. Was getting worried about our roster with everyone dropping out. But it still looks stacked, could definitely use a solid point guard though.

Pacers trade for Teague, trade their draft pick for Thaddeous Young,  and now Al Jefferson signs with the pacers

We're not messing around lol

Wtf is the Lakers doing throwing that much cash at Mosgov and Deng? The fuck? If Durant doesn't join the dubs, I hope he joins the Celtics. That'd team be so raw.
its fucking hilarious to me what KD might be doing. look at some of the teams he's meeting with... Clips, Dubs, Spurs... aka OCK's biggest threats in the West. All the while these teams are preparing to try to snag KD they are missing out on the prime of Free Agency.
Most of those teams don't need to upgrade though. In most cases the FA they bring in will be worse or overpaid. You need to know when someone isn't worth the money. Seems like a lot of them are just jumping so early on deals because they're just throwing money away at them.
I will die if Durant goes to the celtics. I do not want that to happen at all
The Knicks are gonna make the playoffs this year.  
Wouldn't be the first time someone said that and was dissapointed. But they're in the east, so they got that going for them.
We have no bench, so we'll be the 8th seed.
Welp I'm happy. Hopefully we pick up Zaza, or at least a big man for Bogut.
Welp I'm happy. Hopefully we pick up Zaza, or at least a big man for Bogut.
Cool, we got Zaza, r/ NBA going to be even saltier this year.

I'm not too thrilled that Durant went to the Warriors, lol

Yeah, me niether.  I felt that was the last place he should've went to.

How so? You want to win rings. It was either them or the Spurs.

How so? You want to win rings. It was either them or the Spurs.

I think going to the Spurs would've been the much smarter option.  There isn't going to be enough basketball to go around with the Dubs new roster.  KD is going to have the same problem he had when he was with Westbrook.  

I think its different when he has other capable players taking shots, a.k.a. not dion waiters. We desperately needed someone that can drive to the basket, and get rebounds in our small lineup. He's going to take more quality shots, rather than quantity. I honestly don't see his PPG dropping off much. Currys will though, I'm sure. We're not a selfish team, and I think Dray, Klay and Curry will be happy to assist. We don't know what's going through his head, he knew who was on our roster before signing. I just think he liked our system we ran more than the Spurs, and others.
lol if Durant wants to go with the smarter option how does he not go to the Warriors on a 1+1 right when their cap allows it?
Also, the Celtics should finally make the 2nd round this year.
i'd love to see the C's trade their Nets picks + IT for Westbrook

I seriously think it'll be Pacers and Cavs if we are thinking about on-paper talent. 

Everybody talking about the celtic's but everyone sleeping on Larry Legend.  He's doing an amazing job surrounding PG with a great supporting cast. Nothing to take away from Boston because they are also doing fantastic this off season too.

Who's your coach? I think you guys should be happy with a 4th seed.

Nate McMillan lol.

But yeah, i'll be happy with a top 4 seed for sure. But I can just see Indiana going far in the playoffs because of their offseason we are having

I also understand why we didn't re-sign Vogel. Larry wanted a more fast-pace offensive team. Vogel can't coach any offense to save his life, but he knows exactly what he's doing on defense. And that's what made him such a very good coach. He's a top 3 defensive coach. He just didn't fit in with the Pacers and the type of style we were looking for. Most people think we will be way worst because of letting Frank go. The pacers already have defense. They are a top 10 defensive team, and Nate has been by Vogel's side for 6 years. And nate can coach offense better than vogel. Indiana will make some noise this season

Why do the Knicks and lakers always play on christmas day?  Tired of seeing those 2 trash can teams playing every Christmas when both of them won't be relevant in 5+ years



still going to watch tho

Biggest markets in sports, more viewers, more money. Like you said, you're still going to watch. That's why.