The Official Post Your Sick Clips Thread

A little video I've been working on. Tweaking the audio to avoid copyright took longer than the edit though.

always loved this montage.

is this MCC marksman?

massive snow storm today so i played some halo. would have been a sweet double. rip


cat is not pleased


This is on my YouTube channel...the only clip that I still have left :(

Last clip in Hwnt's Precursor. Sick!

Last clip in Hwnt's Precursor. Sick!

Yessir it is! I'm proud about that haha


Here's another clip I got recently. Just kinda messing around toward the end of the game. Hit a few nice shots.

I swear the first guy was playing...he was zoomed in

Not so much insane, rather whatever I decided to double tap the guide button and hit X for in the past two weeks.

Screwing around with 3DS Max and AE yesterday, inb4 "hurr new medals". Just grabbed a clip at random : p

Second game in a couple days not playing lol.

even when you do well with sniper noobz try and steal it from you

i may have someone to edit mine finally,but  im waiting on a response.  if he doesnt come through that'd be coo if you'd  like to edit my first MCC H2C Montage.

just a tease of whats to come. Sub to my channel mofo's

I recommend you guys all livestreaming it is so much fun

lightning snipe? no. but still a sweet tac

I didn't post here in a while 


holy shit that was nice hustla

first montage check it out, tried to get it on the video page but don't have permissions let me know what y'all think 


Just showing off that I can do Reach too.

Just showing off that I can do Reach too.

Good one!

One day i will look the right way one day.
That Overkill too was playing pro's #Kappa

Library window triple was fucking insane kev

This is OLD but so nasty. Found it scrolling through my youtube.