Super Smash Brothers Thread: 64, Melee, Brawl, & Smash 4 (Casual and Competitive Discussion)

no posts for a month? :( Genesis 3 is right around the corner and it's shaping up to be the biggest tournament of all time! it's already in the top 5 for entrants and it still continues to grow.

the G3 salty suite is going to be insane. Westballz vs Leffen $1000 MM is going to happen there.  Leffen usually beats Westballz but at Dreamhack Westballz beat Leffen (with Palco nonetheless) so I can't wait to see who comes out on top. I'm hoping for a huge upset with Westballz winning and Leffen getting a reality check.

loool im so hype for that MM too. i think leffen will totally win but i really want west to pull off the upset, my gf says i look like him so i gotta root for my Doppelganger.

mango's been playing a lot of fox on stream so does that mean he's going all fox? also he brought out the jigglypuff the other day and it was soo incredible. 

Pullin for my boy Leffen in that MM, he played like shit at DH but I can't see that carrying over this long.

mango's been playing a lot of fox on stream so does that mean he's going all fox? also he brought out the jigglypuff the other day and it was soo incredible. 

Watching Mango's puff just reinforced how much I hate watching Hbox play LOL. He's been working on the Fox again for Puff iirc, he said some time before WTFox that he was going to practice Marth for EVO, so that's why he's been playing that a lot as well. 

I wanna get that 20XX TE on my memory card.  Shit looks so dope.
downloaded 20xx for my laptop and bought an adapter. Been playing alot over the holidays with my homie and i'm starting to really notice improvements in my play. I think much deeper into the game than i ever have before, and i'm almost getting to the point where i can beat him again - He got into competitive smash like a year ago so he's been a little bit better than me as of recent. It's so gratifying noticing little improvements and it only motivates me to improve even more.  Also i've been watching so many sets in the last week or so, westballz is my absolute favorite he has such a swaggy falco that can combo so hard. really looking forward to the leffen west money match

apparently  westballz leffen  might not happen because westballz's old controller broke and he hasn't found a good replacement yet.

i've also been playing smash 4 a bunch since i bought it and its been a steady decline of enjoyment.

Smash 4 is pretty fun i reckon, but only casually. It's 99999999x better than brawl imo, and does actually feel somewhat satisfying to play. still it's obvs nothing on melee

this is gonna be so good. idc who wins either because i love S2J's falcon and abate is a PA resident. 

( johnny is gonna win tho)

I love Abate and I know he is a fucking beast with Luigi, but I think if S2J hadnt gone Falco and ofc the glitch then S2J would've won that set
S2J boutta destroy Abate ezpz

I think the final MIOM rank is coming out today. My prediction for top 6:


5. Mew2King

4. Mang0

3. Hungrybox

2. Leffen

1. Armada

I agree with your list.
It's crazy how well Armada played in 2015:

my top  6 would be this







although i might switch PPMD with M2K just because he has only been to 2 or 3 events this year but i truly believe that PPMD is a better player than M2K

damn hbox over leffen:-(

though when you look at the results it makes sense. i still feel like leffen is going to have a crazy year

PPMD Top 3, fuck the doubters.  Genesis 3, Apex 2016, EVO2016.  HYPE!

LOL I was spot on with my list, hell yea. 

and damn G3 was 30 entrants away from being the biggest melee tournament of all time :(

even with the smaller comparative sample size, there is no way is ppmd the 3rd best right now. 

Even though he's a pube, I imagine somebody in here might be interested in this

Wow I'm actually listening to this right now.  Nice post.
I remember nametano was on HBox's stream a few months ago. Don't have the link cuz I'm on my phone tho

pls no

So is Leffen a no go for G3 then?
unfortunately he's probably not going to make it. when will we have all of the top 6 at a tournament???
If not this weekend than maybe Apex or Evo would be my guess.
Hbox and Axe losing in teams WR2, there is a god. 
mango you fucking madman. i haven't watched his set against axe yet, i hear he got bopped, but the way he ended the one against plup was NUTTY. scar and toph say it was by accident but idk, it's not impossible to do that on purpose (i've done it in a friendly before on a Falco-Sheik on a read that he was up-b-ing to ledge). 


mango's fox looking unbelieveable right now. he maybe should consider using it over his falco.

took you fuckers long enough to start posting, been checking this thread on the reg and wasn't trying to post like 10 times by myself without a response.

with that said, I'm not particularly excited for this hour and 45 minute long hbox/axe set we're going to have to sit through. 

Glad I got home from work in time to watch Top 4.
goddam mango. looking insane game 1 again.

goddamn even though the GOAT lost, he still won in my heart<3 mango's losers run was fucking filthy and i'm sooo glad it was Armada-Mango GFs. Mango was doing so many high risk things with his fox it was glorious. it's looking like a return to form for Mango. also, i can't believe he won the ditto against armada and forced him to peach! such a great grand finals and amazing tournament

64 was sick as well

He played way too reckless in that 2nd set versus Peach.  He got really lucky against HBox in Loser's Finals.