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Yep. New roof, siding, flooring, kitchen cabinets plus some other things. Ran me 20k+. Im still living at home so im trying to get my own place
ya boi str8 up can't stop playing overwatch
same man
I wish they would fix their match making system. Its so hard to level in Comp solo.
I wish they would fix their match making system. Its so hard to level in Comp solo.
What's wrong with it?
It makes the teams unbalanced. The good players are grouped with bad to even out teams. Multiple players say their win percentage is around 50%. Like ive had streaks where i lose 4 in a row then win 4 in a row. So i magically got better the last 4 games? Its very hard to have 1 person carry a team. This isnt call of duty or halo, the teams have to be balanced or you will get ran over
wats on my mind, i guess tennis practice 
1 troll is usually enough to lose the game. can get frustrating
overwatch is a damn good game
oh i've noticed

Played 4 games today. First 3 all losses.the pain

And put an offer on a house last night. 2 hrs later they countered, i immediately counter, they counter back an hour later and i accepted. I thought this would take weeks

Does anyone suppose we get down.
wtf has happened here in the last few days? that spam...

Good to see that this is still going.

Makes me happy.

hit master on ow today


Hit a little over 100 hrs on Comp. I think i placed mid 2000s, season high is like 2950s. So hard to tier up solo
yea we usually run with 3-4 people
Finally hit diamond. Its weird once i hit around 2800, the quality of games went up a shit ton. 

Season high is 2004 and stuck around 1960 right now. I feel like I'm pretty good but apparently not. Sometimes my team just rips through the enemy team, sometimes it's the other way around. Maybe it's just lack of experience -- I only have about 10 hours or so on competitive

Edit: Here's my overbuff account. Ole tell me why I suck.

You dont have enough hours in comp. You havent even scratched the surface yet. Ive went from like 2650 all the way down to 2150 the climbed where i am now. Sometimes you get the most god awful team mates. No one has a mic. No one knows what to do

I dont think you playing lucio is the best if you want to rank up and be the most impactful. Sure he can heal a lot, but the best thing Lucio has is his speed boost. Hes to get you through those choke points where the enemy has a Rein blocking the way with symmetra turrets. Those are a pain to get through right? Well one lucio speed boost will get you through but no one at your level knows that.

But i think you could carry as Zarya. She is by fs the hardest enemy to kill in my opinion. You wait until your shield is all the wat gone, then use your barrier and then hide or go somewhere where you wont get shot. Zarya does so much damage, theres no many characters that can take 200 shield down, wait 2-3 seconds for your barrier to go down, and then take the rest of your 200hp before you kill them. Just play quickplay until you have a grasp with soldier, tracer, gengi, pharah,  a few healers and zarya. Pretty much all i play is either soldier, mccree, tracer, junkrat, and zen. Occasionally ill play Rein or Ana if i have to.

Just try and talk the best you can. Combine ults. Theres a lot of ults you can use with zaryas that goes nicely. But 10 hrs isnt nearly long enough to know a whole lot. And its hard to solo rank up so start adding people and play with them. I wouldnt ever 6 stack. If i were you i wouldnt go more than 4 in a group because then you start getting faced against real teams that have been playing awhile that know what theyre doing

And just like that i lose 9 games in a row today..

gotta expand that hero pool.  get comfortable with a couple of dps characters. pharah should be easy carry in your elo because people don't have good enough aim to shoot you down or they simply don't counter it properly. you should also pick up a few defensive/tanky heroes. like a good hog, zarya or even rein can easily carry games.


I'd also suggest picking up something with a bit more impact than Lucio if you really wan't to play support. Like Ana, nothing is more obnoxious than facing a decent Ana. Don't get me wrong, Lucio is a great hero but people on your elo usually have no idea how to react to a sound barrier + speed buff.

Thanks for the feedback y'all. I do often go in with friends (some of whom are diamond and platinum), so sometimes the teams we're facing are just a lot better and more experienced. I find that when I go solo I win pretty easily. 

I am open to trying out new heroes. Sometimes I go into mystery heroes to see who I like. But I also want to become the best lucio of all time.

What console games do people even play anymore? I want to get a new game but everything sucks now. I don't want to buy OW cuz I already got it on PC either.
tbh..this is gonna sound dumb but the only game in console I've been srsly enjoying lately is 7 days to die. It's one of those shit broken early access survival games, but I play it in a server with my friends and honestly It's the most fun I had this year.

Anyone have a copy of the torrent file for the latest copy of the massive Halo montage archive?

It makes me cry. I pay $608 for everything right now but I'll be moving out of my co-op in the fall. 1 bedroom averages $1300/mo, even shitty (rodent and bug infested) 2 bedrooms are $1600+/mp. People share bedrooms for $600/mo in my area all before utilities. I wish we had rent control. :(


Oh and Dawn, I totally fucked up the spoiler. It was just updated pics though that are on facebook anyway. 

Oh yeah, had a kid almost try and swing on me in my PK class today because he didn't want to put on his jacket and he wanted a COOKIE RIGHT NOW. Unpaid internships are shit. Same kid keeps pooping and peeing his pants at school and teacher has to clean it. I don't know if I could teach this age long-term. 
May have to take a break from overwatch. Too many unbalanced characters. Roadhog is too op, heals too much too often. Ana heals too fast, genjis kit is so good/by far the hardest character in the game to hit, mei can freeze you in less than 2 seconds, mccrees ult is trash, pharah is too hard to kill on console vs pc, zarya does damn near the same damage compared to dps yet has the same sized hitbox as dps, more health and a 200shield along with a great ult, reaper is a worse version of roadhog, symmetra gets her ults too fast, every 2 CP map is garbage, not enough maps, then just comparing ability cooldowns for characters.. just doesnt make any sense

Oh, god...


My manager is stuck in fucking 2003...Late nights I close the store with him, and he likes to play music on his Bluetooth speaker. I don't really mind, since I have my headphones. Anyway, at one point the music starts playing that goddamn Remember the Name bullshit. I immediately fish out my headphones 'cause I hate that yellow pus filled cunt song more than anything. A few minutes later, he starts playing that Linkin Park. I'm biting my lip, trying not to say anything, but I just thought it was funny as hell. I went back to work while he was doing whatever. But when this came on the radio?

I. Fuck. King. DIED.

Before I knew it, I was barely holding myself up against the wall, sobbing in laughter. Of course Alex had no idea what the fuck I was laughing about, but dear god that man is a fucking fossil.


I bet he makes kewl montages.
Closing date is next wednesday on the house. Ya boi is finally moving out

played soccer yesterday with one of my best friends, it was fun! :)

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I'm trying to get into Overwatch but it is absolutely ZERO fun running solo and I can't really handle that.