THF Movie Competition 2016 - Round 4: Semifinals

Choose up to 3 videos.

Montage | Editor | Gameplay

Combat Evolved | Editor: B SiK | Gameplay: B SiK
64% (42 votes)
Halo 3 Montage 1 | Editor: Fatal | Gameplay: JoeyClutch
52% (34 votes)
Wizard | Editor: Halzred | Gameplay: Hyena
50% (33 votes)
Death Machine | Editor: Hyena | Gameplay: Hyena
38% (25 votes)
A Halo 3 MLG Montage | Editor: Evadur | Gameplay: Evadur
33% (22 votes)
Phase II | Editor: Piano Frenzy | Gameplay: Piano Frenzy
15% (10 votes)
Total votes: 66

Round 4: Semifinals

Vote for up to 3 choices, the top 3 advance to Round 5 (The Finals). Ties will be determined by the judges overall rating. Voting results will remain hidden until the poll closes on December 9th. You may cancel and change your vote at any time.

REMEMBER: Voting closes December 9th!

Montage Editor Gameplay
A Halo 3 MLG Montage Evadur Evadur
Wizard Halzred Hyena
Phase II Piano Frenzy Piano Frenzy
Death Machine Hyena Hyena
Combat Evolved B SiK B SiK
Halo 3 Montage 1 Fatal JoeyClutch

A Halo 3 MLG Montage | Editor: Evadur | Gameplay: Evadur


Wizard | Editor: Halzred | Gameplay: Hyena


Phase II | Editor: Piano Frenzy | Gameplay: Piano Frenzy


Death Machine | Editor: Hyena | Gameplay: Hyena


Combat Evolved | Editor: B SiK | Gameplay: B SiK


Halo 3 Montage 1 | Editor: Fatal | Gameplay: JoeyClutch

What the fuck is this group lmao


Combat Evolved

Joey Clutch

My last vote's coming down to either Evadur or Joey lol
Man, this is really tough. I think it ultimately comes down to which halo you enjoy the most. I went with the last 3. It was close between B Sik and Evadur, just thought B Siks editing and gameplay was a lil bit cleaner. 
oooooo this was a tough one.
Voted for 2 videos. Would've felt the third, while an excellent montage, isn't on par with them.
I'm going to have to sit, rewatch, and think about this for awhile.

What the fuck is this group lmao

All of the remaining vidoes.

Unfortunate the top 3 videos made it into the same group. We should pretty much know who is winning the comp after this.

Joey, Wizard, CE get my votes

Unfortunate the top 3 videos made it into the same group. We should pretty much know who is winning the comp after this.

Joey, Wizard, CE get my votes

These are all the remaining videos. The finals will consist of the top three from this round.

I thought this was one of two groups for some reason whoops. 
I'm going to have to sit, rewatch, and think about this for awhile.
My fav, ingenuity, didn't make it unfortunately. These are all great videos but I don't find myself rewatching them like I have with Ingenuity. Voted for Evadur only because most have about equally great gameplay but overall this one stands out a bit more than the rest for me.
Evadur, Joey and Wizard
If you're not voting for B SiK, you should immediately cancel your vote and yourself.
Wizard, Phase II and Combat Evolved.

Joey and B Sik were givens. I'm gonna have to think really hard about that last vote...

damn these are some incredible videos

Wizard > Death Machine - Its pretty simple for me, its a complete package. DM has a ton of great gameplay and has the Hyena edit that brings the video charm, but it just lacks in comparison to Wizard. Wizard has a plot, great angles, a solid soundtrack, great editing, and stunning GP. DM has better and more consistent GP, but Wizard is not lacking. The right swipe triple snipe, nade snipe for the stick at the end, 720/1080 (I don't know what it really is) tac snipe, flag blocking noob combo snipe. The huge btb scene is DM was kind of a turn off for me. Like its insane that he racked up like 30+ kills in the time, but it just isn't as pleasing to watch.

CE > Phase II - This one is a lot harder for me. PII has a plot that brings some charm to the table, though I do like how CE has its clips in a stair setup always getting better and more interesting. They both have solid edits, but I felt myself more drawn into PII, the music, the editing, the atmosphere is all there. There were moments where I felt like CE might be dragging a bit. To cap it all off we have great gameplay from both parties, but ultimately I would rule in bSiK's favor and thats where it kind of sways me to choosing his video. Though I still go back and forth on which to choose, so this may change.

JC > Evadur - I've got to hand it to Evadur for his edit, I think it does a great job of capturing the great times of Halo and just makes you want to hop on and play. JC is more consistent and steady. GP is obviously insane for both parties and while Evadur probably had the best clips for me, I think that JC was much more consistent with better plays (much like the edit). There were things I said I couldn't overlook in Evadurs edit and thats what sways me in JC's favor. The whole minute or so that is almost 100% Heretic clips is where I almost stop watching every time. I'm not sure why there were all bunched up like that, if that they weren't good enough for the first song and left for the second (credit?) song or if he just didn't have enough time on his edit because of the editor situation on his video. The way he also cut some of his clips were jarring at times, nothing terribly bad, I mean I feel like I'm nitpicking at the most minor of things, but thats what it comes down between these two for me. So Evadur has some high highs and some not so bad lows and its the not so bad lows that I choose JC. I never felt a low point in the video, it was just a mellow high point while watching it.

This is going to get a lot tougher for me when I have to put two different games between each other because its a lot harder for me to judge cross game.

Making it to the semis is incredible for me :P So glad everyone enjoyed the video, pretty proud of that and I absolutely love the feedback. Sucks that I'm not too fond of the result as I had so many more clips to get and probably better ones of the clips I did use. Would've done more with the editing now that I think of it, but thanks for my time and the votes :D

You are exactly right with respect to my tage. I have never edited anything before and did 70% or so of the tage in the last 2 weeks before the deadline. When I rewatch it, I cringe a bit in the last few clips of the second song starting with the exterm on emisnipe for cutting it (and the following 2 clips or so) short  while rushing to finish.... and believe it or not i didn't even have enough time to realize i put like ten heretic clips in a row lol (just like copy pasta here and there to finish the song FeelsBadMan). If only Fatal edited my tage...

Regardless, I'm happy with the result and the regret of not doing it perfectly is far outweighed by the possible regret of not putting a tage out ever. One last vent though... I spent a full fucking year trying to get an editor leading up to the deadline TableHere FlipThis.

That's it... back to MCC. What is dead may never die.

It's crazy how solid of an edit it is man. I've been messing around with editing for years and haven't put anything close to what you did in the small time frame you had. I hate to nitpick but it's literally what I had to come down to in order to pick between the both of you.

Good luck in the rest of the comp man. 

If only Fatal edited my tage...

I wish... Stupid fucking concussions ;_;

Well, we're finally down to the top six videos of the last year (that decided to pay 5buckkz). What I find most interesting is the change in this community. Throughout history big multis and social tages always did best (Fatrats m3, dutchy m2[but that was like half mlg  doe]), but since the last comp  preferences in clips styles have seemed to change a tiny bit. All six of these videos are barely Orangeclocks G2G'y, except that one part in death machine on Headlong. ANYWAYS, wut i'm saying is we seem to be in a new era. Where originality, head to head, out plays are favoured. I think this is due to hyenas heavy influence on the community since  2013 when he got super popular again after  he went lowkey for a few years after Reach came out. BUT, this is also influenced by the release of MCC where people have been able to learn halo ce and 2, which require more technical proficiency than the other games. SO with more exposure to these games, it makes sense that people are now really appreciating and understanding halo ce and 2 better since XBL went off line in...2010? 

Anyways my rankings

6th: Evadur, amazing gameplay, lacking on editing which is tough when you are stacked against 5 really well edited videos.

5th: Joey clutch, also amazing mlg gameplay, but this time it's accompanied by flawless damn editing them shits was so smooth my god.

4th. Phase II, might not be better than joey clutches but i enjoyed it more. Theme, style, and pianos off the wall gameplay was superb

SO yea yea i know, "OMG WTF HE'S VOTING FOR 2 HYENA VIDS FAAAAAG". ya whatever. I know, but I believe what is best should get the vote. Hyena right now is 2004 MF DOOM, he's the 1967 Beatles, he's dropping multiple classics in a single year. Wizard and DM both push the limits of h2 and show the possible clip potential that game has. The only other video that was able to accomplish this was bsik. Bsiks style is insane. He has this sort of finesse and knowledge that you can easily see by watching him spawn stick and snipe the shits outta people.  THe DM vs Wizard  argument is really tough tho, they were paced completely differently. Wizard was all slow-mo epic climatic shit, and DM was fast; intense, 1v1 outplays,precise, cereal killer shit. 

Anyways I haven't decided what my favourite is, but i'm voting for hyena and CE

Damn, too bad I couldn't win your vote :'(
Don't worry, I'll get your vote again in 2020 after Trump's regime ;)
You still play MCC? I feel like digging up the X1 and play some, we should play :D:D

Wizard, CE, Joey.

Great round. All of these would have been finalists in another year's contest I'm sure.

It hurt so much not to vote for phase II, fucken loved that video so much :(

ANd hey fck u thomas andreas'son i live u Canada!

And would be down for sure yo, I just got exams rn till the 16th. I'll message you and beau we cud maybe get some good ol ce 2v2's and other fun things goin :) i'm editing chops 4 over my Christmas break tho so I won't be on often, but i'll definitely commit to a night or 2 playin :)

Sweet! Please message me on FB since I'm not gonna set the Xbox up until I know for sure I have someone to play with :D
Can't wait for C4 (no allahu akbar intended)

Throughout history big multis and social tages always did best (Fatrats m3, dutchy m2[but that was like half mlg  doe]), but since the last comp  preferences in clips styles have seemed to change a tiny bit.

Nope. We simply didn't have a video like that this year. The only ones who come close to those are Keat and Adversary's M5s, but there's obviously still not enough love for Reach to get sent through, and while I love Adversary's video for his style, he lacks the top notch editing to accompany his gameplay. Other than that.. maybe Phantoms, but that's not social enough to be considered, and we have better MLG gameplay in the videos that are actual semifinalists, and Hashbrown, the quadtage and Summer Colors all felt like they used leftovers. Not a winning quality.

The one video that fits the pattern is Joey Clutch / Fatal, and I still think it can win. It doesn't really matter that it's not social, it's more about the feel of someone going all in with their gameplay on one video. It has the supreme editing to make it shine even brighter, and most importantly; it's Halo 3. It cannot be denied that a Halo 3 video has had the highest chance of winning in every competition since it came out, and it clearly is the popular choice. However, its supremacy has never been challenged harder than in this competition because of MCC, and while Joey and Fatal is still in the run for the money, they can just as easily lose to a Halo CE or 2 video this year. I'd even say odds are against them because of Hyena's two power-entries. (Yeah, you said the unique stuff has been getting more popular, but it's not that. If that was the case, Ingenuity would still be in the competition. It's simply Hyena; he is absolute king nowadays, and it doesn't matter what game he plays)

tl;dr: andreas your wrong and im suddenly contradicting myself. i realize i contradicted myself and im wrong and i wasted your time lol. andreas your wrong the formula always ends with hyena.  pi (π) = Hyena

Alright since we're down to the last 6, I guess I feel like now's the time to weigh in on the Joey Clutch vs. Evadur comparison...

Obviously the gameplay is insane for both of them and we're blessed that probably the last movie comp brought such good entries out of the woodwork (at least to me, I had no idea either of these entries was coming/would be so strong.) And like fuck, I've been agonizing over this choice for a month now.

Seeing as I watched them both twice yesterday and have now waited 24 hours to let the thoughts percolate, I do feel that Joey does have a slight edge on gameplay. Obviously Joey's is 8 minutes and Evadur's is 11, but I'm sure most people judge GP by quality rather than quantity. And maybe it's just the extra few clips that drag Evadur's average clip quality down, but the result is that I have trouble recalling specific moments. I felt like there were a few clips that I can't even call fillers, it's just that they weren't mindblowing. Pretty dumb that I'm trying to explain how a snipe pickup double body shot exterm or a precision all noscope triple isn't up to par, but that's what happens when two great montages that are more similar than different enter the same comp. Ofc that's a stupidly high standard to expect, but shit, this is round 4. Oh also it's dope that there are so many known names in both tages, I feel like that's about equal and especially important when evaluating MLG tages.

Just in terms of how memorable the gameplay is, I feel like Joey has the edge. He plays with so much swag that I can recall half a dozen clips and play them back in my head. For example the one guardian clip where he snipes a guy top mid and jumps off S3 looking for the exterm, then turns quickscopes the exterm top blue while he was one shot. Add the noscope on Snakebite & the construct clip where he picks up the snipe and quickscopes the triple at an insane angle. And then the heretic clip where he reflex throws a stick all the way across the map for the exterm, those moments are just magical. From the moment that the opening exterm turned into a cross map noscope tac, I knew that this should would be legendary, and sure enough here we are. And then of course my reaction to that closer was fucking crazy.

And obviously Evadur had some standout clips too, namely the all spawnkill pit exterm, backwhack trocity on that one forge map (foundry?) and that final mauler kill before the credits. Maybe the gameplay was as good and only the presentation/edit made me think it's second to Joey. idk man

To me at least Joey's GP gets the added charm of being all from OG H3 and as an editor that reminds me of the joyful feeling of being hit up by someone who has years' worth of gameplay saved up, and then like you check it and sure enough they're all bangers. There's no feeling like that. Joey M1 gives me that vibe, and maybe Fatal and some other editors on here can relate. There's just nothing like seeing someone go balls to the wall on a single video, and even cooler when Joey Clutch wasn't even someone I'd heard of. Seeing "MLG Team Slayer" in the corner of all those clips kinda adds some nostalgia that's hard to qualify. Not that it's Evadur's fault, and the clips are still sick, but having all old school Xbox 360 H3 feels 5x better than a mix of "Hardcore TS" or whatever the fuck 343 named MLG in MCC due to copyright or whatever. #F343 

It's admirable that Evadur bit the bullet and just grinded out his masterpiece in 2 weeks despite unfortunate circumstances, but I feel like there are a few rough moments with cutting away too quickly (especially on a certain pit exterm if I recall correctly, my first time watching I was just like "Wait what? That was awesome, why cut away" And of course for doing a first edit Evadur did a great job, but it just doesn't feel as cohesive as Fatal's edit on JC naturally (as he spent much less time on it). And then of course the "feuled by fios" typo in the intro. Again, I'm nitpicking but at this stage we have to. Still an amazing tage and from not knowing of Evadur super well, I was certainly surprised when the gameplay was top tier after a silly typo like that.

All I have left to say is good work boys, you all deserved to get this far. All we can wonder now is if Fatal also did Evadur's tage, which would be better? ;)


If I have time before voting closes I'll have to make the case for Hyena vs. Hyena, but that's a whole different animal.

ya that's very true there danny, if dlongos m1 was entered it would be here in the semi finals.  Nvm to what i said, but yea hyena is sittin on a throne for the last 2 years
Wizard, B Sik and Piano Frenzy get my votes. I love how Wizard starts with the last clip of Hyena's H3 tage. Almost every clip makes me think, "Wait, can you do that?" Great stuff from everybody though.

i voted for hyena twice